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94 add

This game tho



O jogo é bonzinho, mas o meu recorde fica reiniciando toda hora, e as minhas conquistas tmb! Então, 2 estrelas. The game is god, but have bugs, and you have To correct. 2 stars only.


Its a fun game to play until a stupid advertisement pops up which you end up losing because of it, I understand you trying to make money but if this keeps on happening people are Gonna remove this game and then you will make nothing just like what I did right now,

Good game but...

Its a good game but there are some problems: 1. Sometimes, the ad interferes when youre playing the game, causing you to lose terribly. 2. Sometimes I fall through the platform. This doesnt happen a lot but it would be good to get it fixed. In other words, it would be good to get these problems fixed but even if you dont its still a great game

Love it

It remineds me of my cosen

Ads ruin it...

One of my favourite games but the ads ruin it. Its hard to move and see with the ads. Id recommend finding a knock-off version


This game is awesome


I love this game,but there is a bit to much adds!!! :D

Bit glitchy

Its a really fun game but the adds make the game sometimes freeze or glitch. Fix that and it would be five stars:)

Best game ever

Jump car is a very good and addicting game, ketchapp should update and add new things to the game. Love it!

Ads make this game really annoying!

This is a fun game, but the fact that you cannot get rid of the ads means that the game skips and I die for no reason which is very annoying. An option to get rid of the ads, even if it means I have to pay, would make this game more enjoyable

Jump car

Love the game but it is pausing during play

Boss!!!!highly addictive and great pass time

My friend showed me this game and I thought it sucked! So he said just play so I did and I wouldnt give him back his iPad now I have on my iPhone and just love it!

Only ok

It is a fun game, but the adds are really bad


The game itself is very fun but there are many glitches which make it annoying and also there is always the same exact add making it even more annoying to hear the same one every other game or so





Great game!

This is a great game my high score is 169 people who say its only luck have no skill!


At first it is really fun


This game is fun my best is 23 Im not very good at it but I keep trying its so fun but the same add is always at the bottom of my screen and I tap the screen down there to jump and I keep taping the add its annoying can you make it add free everyone thanks

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